New Easy-Peel™ FreeStyle Vie® Flushable

FreeStyle Vie Flushable is a breakthrough in pouch technology. It features several innovations designed to make the pouch more comfortable to wear, more effective at removing odour and easier and more convenient to dispose of.

New improved easy-peel liner

FreeStyle Vie Flushable pouches have biodegradable inner liners that can simply be peeled away from the outer pouch. Just hold the flange in place, pull the easy-grip tab and slide away the outer cover. It can then be disposed of down the toilet – making things much simpler and easier!

FreeStyle Vie® Flushable - fast, easy disposal

  • Waste material passes into a biodegradable inner liner which sits inside the protective pouch
  • The inner liner can simply be peeled away and flushed down any toilet, leaving the clean, recyclable outer pouch for disposal at your convenience
  • The inner liner is designed to encompass the waste closely to assist in flushing

Simply flush it away every time

In tests, 100% of liners flushed away first time. FreeStyle Vie Flushable meets all the necessary European standards for flushability and in many instances exceeds them.1

Reference: 1. Flushability test based on the UK and European standard for domestic waste,Würzburg, Germany.

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Customers Say

‘To be able to flush away the faeces is more acceptable than having to wait for a weekly collection of a yellow bag.’
Ms J.H. – Milton Keynes

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